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Youth Empowerment Podcast

Jun 4, 2019

Ms Charlotte Bard is an educator for many years. She has been a school principal who's a dynamic, resourceful and enthusiastic leader. She's dedicated to helping students of all ages develop their study skills via oral, written and representative expressions. Ms. Bard holds a Masters degree in Education and is currently...

Apr 30, 2019

Mr. Jeff Rounds has been starting businesses since he was 13 years old. He's a published author, an Omnist Reverend, a Zen Buddhist Master. Mr. Rounds would like to see more young people learn about business and ethics, giving them an opportunity for success.


4 Takeaways From Todays Show:

1. Always follow...

Apr 16, 2019

Makini Smith is a Mindset Coach, Proctor Gallagher Certified Consultant who helps to turn goals into accomplishments. She's a 4 time published author. A creator of the "A Walk In My Stilettos" mobile App for women and podcast host.


Takeaways From Today's Show: 

1. Just be you because you are enough. Everything you...

Apr 9, 2019

Vernique Fields M.P.A. is the #1 Mobile Female DJ & Entertainer in the Tri-State Area. Vernique holds a Master's degree in Public Administration. 


Takeaways From Today's Show:

  1. You should always pay kindness forward whether by giving time or money.
  2. Get into entrepreneurship early by using the same skills and talents...

Apr 2, 2019

Shanté Nicole is a successful Financial Fitness Coach, Kids Money Coach, Public Speaker, CEO at Financial Common Cents, CEO & Founder at Facing Autism With Children Everywhere (FACE) and an autism mom. Shanté Nicole is the founder and administrator of Financial Common Cents Facebook group with over 38,000 members.